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MSU Extension Soft Winter Wheat Update June 12, 2017

Posted: Jun 12, 2017

MI Wheat Field Day - Wedsnesday June 14

The annual field day is coming up this Wednesday on the MSU campus. The  field day agenda and registration can be found on the MI Wheat Program site. MAC's Nick Reigler will be giving a market update at the field day.

Stripe rust has arrived

Unlike last year, stripe rust has been very slow to make a significant showing.  However, now the disease is advancing on the flag leaves of succeptible varieties.  If Prosaro or Caramba was used at flowering, they should be able to keep it at bay.  If you are seeing the disease and have not applied a fungicide, you could apply Caramba or Prosaro as long as its 30 days before harvest.

Yield prospects mostly good

MI Wheat Watchers are reporting that is mostly looking good across the state.  Leaf diseases have been very slow to develop, prompting some to consider reducing fungicide use. The separation in maturity between southern and north central MI is a bit wider than usual.  Much of north central and the Thumb did not start flowering until last weekend suggesting it is running at least a couple weeks behind the southern region.  This reflects the cooler than normal May temperatures, particularly in more northern latitudes

Scout for armyworm 

This year's network of wheat watchers have reported  low numbers of armyworm caught in pheromone traps throughout May.  However, a couple of the traps across MI have caught relatively high numbers suggesting that there may be a few isolated hot spots.  The bottom line is to check you fields a week or so following flowering to determine if there are signs of feeding and armyworm larvae.  Generally, an insecticide is recommended when there are four or more larvae per square foot.