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Michigan Bean Shippers & Michigan Bean Commission News Release

Posted: Jun 28, 2017

LANSING – Following recent serious rainfall events throughout Michigan’s dry bean growing region, the Michigan Bean Commission and Michigan Bean Shippers today reminded growers to closely review their crop insurance policy and be aware that requirements from the federal Risk Management Agency will result in a penalty for those late-planting dry beans, and impose requirements on replanting.

The 2017 deadline for dry bean planting was June 25, and for dry beans that have not yet been planted, each day planting is delayed will result in a 1 percent penalty on that field.

In addition, if replanting is to occur, it must be by July 20.

The Michigan Bean Commission and Michigan Bean Shippers made the following recommendations to farmers:

  • Farmers should carefully assess replanting strategies and timing. Replanting might make sense until a given date, but it is important to consider the risk of frost prior to crop maturity for late-replanted dry beans.
  • Farmers who replant fields should plant the same type of dry beans in the same field, even if they use a shorter-season variety.
  • Farmers with questions about RMA requirements or planting dates should contact their crop insurance agent or RMA’s Regional Office servicing Michigan, located in Springfield, IL at 217-241-6600.

Attached to this press release are guidelines on latest planting dates for several varieties and types of dry beans, specifically for Michigan. Growers should recognize that there remains a risk of frost as harvest approaches, regardless of information in this document. 


 Joe Cramer, Michigan Bean Commission                   Jim Byrum, Michigan Bean Shippers
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